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by getting over yourself

  • Did you know right now you are on the brink of turning your business around?
  • Creating a multi-million dollar idea? And enjoying the success you've always dreamed?
  • Did you know YOUR subconscious mind has the ability, at this second, to open up any possibilities, break through any obstacles and transform your whole life?
  • Did you know, that your subconscious mind can process 20 000 000 pieces of information in a second while your conscious mind can only barely handle 40 in a second??
  • Which one do you want to harness?? A leaky tap?? Or a powerful hydrant!!!

My name is Rhiannon and I’ve discovered the key you need to change your MINDSET and your life.Over years of education, research and trial and error.

In my FREE online webinar, I’ll guide you and prepare you with the tools necessary to start creating business success and improve your personal life along the way.

With over 30 years experience, I’ve collaborated with hundreds of clients around the world. From high-performance athletes and Olympians,celebrities, the NRL and even the SPice Girls to psychologists and business owners and more, we’ve unlocked their full potential to achieve anything they desire. All this through using one powerful tool; Their subconscious mind!

And you can too. If you’re ready to liberate yourself and learn how to do the same, then sign-up for my FREE WEBINAR TODAY!


In This Interactive 1hr Webinar You'll Learn:

  • The secrets on HOW to unlock the power of your subconscious mind.
  • How you can create a shift in your subconscious mind to open up business possibilities.
  • How to break through obstacles and change your life.

All through observation, communication and languaging.

There is nothing like seeing this done LIVE!!

I will even debunk a business challenge during the webinar.

So, if you are brave enough, put your hand up and volunteer to have your business and your mind unlocked so that your CASHFLOW can soar and your business can reach ridiculous heights. When you see a business/life transformed like this you begin to understand the power of this sleeping giant...


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What's stopping you?

What do you have to lose?

You can choose to hang out in your poverty and with the business that you have settled with OR you can choose something radically different.

More to the point… What do you have to gain???

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After participating in Rhiannon’s retreat, I feel as if my life has shifted dramatically. The shift has been towards an opening and an awareness of somewhat of a light. The openness has brought people towards me, as though they are drawn to me. It’s something very hard to put into words. It is somehow spiritual or magical. I have really enjoyed the experience of receiving and getting direction about tuning into an awareness of life. Thank you for sharing with us of yourself, love and all of your experiences.

Chris, Retreat Participant

When I first joined this retreat, I did not have any expectations. All I wanted to do was to learn to be more spiritual and to open up more as a person. I felt a little bit shy at first, however, right off the bat, I felt amazingly accepted by everyone in the group. Each session went by and was more amazing than the last session. I have learned so much about love, learning, sharing and trust. With all of my heart, thank you so very much Rhiannon.

Sue, Retreat Participant

Be part of a business growth program which


Gets consistent and life changing results.


Tackles emotional road blocks & traditional business theory.


Will set you up to actually enjoy your business.


Is only for the brave.

Rhiannon Rees