Hi, I’m Rhiannon Rees

Hi, I’m Rhiannon Rees

Hi, I’m Rhiannon Rees and I specialise in people.

And even though I’ve been variously described as a human behaviour expert, executive and elite performance coach, self-development expert, business coach, medical intuitive, entrepreneur, speaker and writer…

…I actually like to think of myself as a detective.

Because my passion is understanding what makes you tick. Even when you don’t fully understand it yourself.

Do you have the courage to change?

If you’re unhappy with your life, your relationships or your work have you ever stopped to think about how YOU have contributed to the situation you’re in?

Did you realise how YOU might be choosing a life that mirrors your self-worth and the beliefs YOU have?

We are all far more powerful than we realise and yet we don’t realise the many ways our self-limiting beliefs are limiting our lives.

My philosophy is simple

My philosophy is simple

Did you know that over 93% of our communication is non-verbal and our subconscious mind makes decisions 15 times faster than our conscious mind? And yet most of us are unaware of how to harness and use these powerful tools that we all have within ourselves.

When I work with you I will focus on the whole person, because I understand the importance of both EQ and IQ in changing people’s behaviour.

So although I come from a corporate background, and have a business degree, I understand that no amount of my business acumen can compete with the fact that emotions drive people, both consciously and unconsciously.

The decisions you are making about your business, your relationships and your life are driven by emotions and your subconscious.

And once you understand what your individual roadblocks are, and why you’ve put them there in the first place, you can begin to take control of your life. And start to truly believe in yourself.

It’s. Really. That. Simple.

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My path is a soulful one

For me, making a difference is something I just have to do. It is my work of destiny. I love it, I was born to do it.

I can’t bear to see someone in pain. And I love helping others find their true purpose.

But my path hasn’t always been this clear…

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Rhiannon Rees