Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction

Rhiannon Rees’ life has been anything but ordinary.

From smart and talented child…

…to corporate success story,

…to losing it all including your husband to his other identity as a woman,

…and ending up as a single mother with a three year-old child living in a tent,

…Rhiannon has experienced more than enough for three lifetimes.

Completely compelled to help others

Completely compelled to help others

It was Rhiannon’s personal suffering that led her to search for answers, ultimately studying human behaviour for twenty years. Being completely compelled to help others, she continued to invest in education, all in the field of self-development.

Today, Rhiannon Rees is renowned as one of the world’s best self-development experts, drawing on her twenty years of studying human behaviour, a Bachelor of Business from UTS Sydney and the life lessons learnt from the ‘school of hard knocks’.

Rhiannon’s winning mindset, bold honesty, and complete belief in her clients and their success fuels the power to transform lives, both professionally and personally, via her work as:

  • a business and corporate coach;
  • mentor to other coaches;
  • elite performance and sporting coach;
  • book and newspaper writer;
  • public speaker and presenter; and
  •  human behaviour expert.

One of the world’s best self-development experts

She has been featured in countless TV shows and print publications in both North America and Australia, including The Sunday Telegraph, Body & Soul Magazine, Madison and Cosmopolitan. Rhiannon has also been a regular on radio with interviews on 2GB & Mix 106.5 and her own weekly half hour show on the ABC Mid North Coast with Fiona Poole or Scott Levi (Central coast) where she has advised on small business.

Rhiannon’s passion for helping others live their life to the fullest has seen her nominated for ‘Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year’ award three times, and awarded ‘Brand Coach’ 2012.  She was an ‘Abundance Coach’ and ‘Master Coach’ 2012 finalist as well as being voted in 2015 and 2016 as one of the world’s Top Thirty Global Gurus.

Rhiannon has worked with stars including the Spice Girls, as well as X-Files, NRL, Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Practice cast members. Local, national and international media regularly seek out her expertise to help and inspire people to live happier more fulfilled lives.

You too can change your life!

After losing everything, Rhiannon learnt how to embrace the ordinary moments in life and realised how very extraordinary they can be.

And now she invites you to learn how you too can change your life, by simply changing your mindset.

So whether you decide to:

… read her powerful books How to Climb Mount Everest in Sandals and Life is a Choice and the Choice is Yours,

…find out whether 3 hours really can change your life in the Ignite Workshop,

…fall in love with your business again via the Business Mastermind Course,

…feel courageous enough to be a leader in your field with the Coaching Mastermind Course,

…the only thing you need to ask yourself is:


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Rhiannon Rees